Monday, February 25, 2013

Waiting Game...

(Source: Jak & Jill...?)

So this ankle cuff trend is a couple years old. Just sayin'. 
Not too many people have jumped to the trend right away, and I'm seeing a lack of bloggers and/or celebrities even sporting the these shiny ankle candies anymore. But alas, I'm a little late on this boat, but I too bought my own pair of gold ankle cuffs through ebay. Let's see if I can revive this trend again.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Battered with Ice

 Say hello to us siblings!


Furry Hat (H&M)
Glasses (Hot Topic)
Green Parka (Old Navy)
Acid Wash leggings (Forever 21)
Snow Boots (Totes)
Everything else is Vintage

We expected a snow storm. We got an ice storm. Lovely. Or not. Well, today's theme is to dress for the elements with my super casual outfit. I think its important to feature all outfits of mine in all of it's glory and grit. After all we all have shoes and clothes for both glamorous and casual purposes.

(And you can bet this lady here ain't going to wear her best shoes in this weather!)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Frenchie Lux

 Close Up detail of this Vintage shirt.

Cat-eyed Sunglasses
Earrings (Forever 21)
Mirrored Clutch (Charming Charlie's)
Vintage Top
Leather Pants (H&M)
Suede Pumps (BCBG)
(Better alternative on Sale now McQ Mary Jane Platforms<3)

Wore this to give some presentations a couple weeks ago. 
Now usually I have this bad habit of showing some skin (thigh highs, short-shorts) even on the coldest of mid-western days, but for this particular day I needed to tone it down a couple notches. 
Me toning down the outfit calls for extravagant pieces of embroidery and leather instead of sex appeal I suppose. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Muted Rain


Cat-eyed Sunglasses (Simular at
Earrings (Forever 21)
Sweater (TJ Maxx)
Dress worn as Skirt (H&M Sale)
Black Tights
Vintage Purse
Booties (Target)
(Simular Booties from Modcloth)

Dull grays and pale winter florals for the last of the cold season. Now I've always been a fan of wearing florals especially when it's the most unlikely time of year to wear them. After seeing the winter floral trends I knew that I would be one of the few brave souls to sport the lingering trend...all the way up to spring time and around. Florals are so right now and very simple to wear, I can't imagine who wouldn't be spotted with some floral print during this upcoming season.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feeling the Details at BCBG

Pictures from Tumblr

All that fur and leather oh la la~ BCBG details at F/W 2013 were utterly and totally made for me. Can't get enough of BCBG. Many people have dubbed their show the "California Grunge Gypsy" but isn't dirty or messy like you'd think, it's chic and modern. Very much wearable in the cold as well. I loved their Spring 2013 harnesses and now I love their coats and accessories. They've always been delivering with their leather details every season so far, which is to my liking.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Black Fedora
Fringe Velvet Shirt
(All Vintage above)
Leather Leggings (H&M) (Simular at
Booties (London Rebel) (Simular at and

So here is a Monoxious inspired outfit, all black, all chic. Eyeliner galore, leather vixen adore. I love the Singapore based duo Arissa and Dawn's infectious monochrome style. Every now and then I dress up in a monochrome manner when there's rain or a cloud. Exploring a dark side never feels too extreme with double  monoxious muses. Makes me feel like taking up some Marilyn Manson to listen to again too. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vintage Royal Blue

Vintage Hair Clip
Blue Diamond Earrings (Forever 21)
Cat-Eyed Sunglasses (Buy at
Vintage Royal Blue Sweater
Vintage Purse
Pleather Leggings (H&M)
Dolce Vita for Target Booties (Old)
(Better alternatives are:

Recently used up some more bleach to fix up my roots and lighten up my blonde! It was such a long process and I didn't exactly get all the way to platinum blonde like I wanted. I kind of like this yellow blonde regardless since it's pretty rare to see this color featured on anyone since platinum blonde has gone viral for the ideal blonde asian on tumblr. It's gives me a more gyaru soft look which makes me look really different. I will keep it up as long as I can I suppose.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Mishy-Matchy Maroon

 Cap (Target Men's section) 
 DIY star studded denim shorts
 MTNG Fullu booties
(Black On sale at
(White On Sale at
(Regular price
Everything else vintage

Time to start updating again! Soooo Here we have some shoes I got over the weekend by MTNG that were on a sale rack at DSW just by chance...and for a steal of a price, even LOWER than the websites above! Just thought I'd share my love for this boot which is INFINITE btw for all readers <3.

Also last night after work I felt like my wardrobe is severely lacking in men's wear, so hence a speed purchase at Target got me this lovely Cap which will probably make numerous features on my blog. Who in the world wouldn't love Target stuff? They are the BOM DIGGITY.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Wearing: Chicago 'with love from london' (Topshop shirt from Chicago), Vintage Sunglasses (Forever 21) Vintage thrifts everything else

There's a saying kids say these days: "Once you thrift, you can never go back". Accurately said. Almost all of my outfit was thrifted for under $5.00 and is genuinely loved and worn out---until it's worn out. Oversize items are especially loved. This blazer is a go-to item in my closet now; it's a really simple fix to lazy outfits. :P I just throw it over something and all the sudden I'm fabulously semi-casual chic. 
BTW You might notice the grain is really deep in these photos too, that's thanks to some playing around with the exposure and filters. :D

Ahhh yes! And I have changed my blog address! I used to be the castrated flower and I am now The Dippster, and have updated graphics too. <3